Yukon First Nations Hockey Tournament

Beyond the game

Last week, several teams arrived in Whitehorse for the first ever Women’s Division of the Yukon First Nations Hockey Association Tournament.

The Kirlrich Yukon Native Hockey Tournament ran for four days from March 23-26, 2023 at the Canada Game Centre and Takhini Arena in Whitehorse, bringing the whole community together.

This annual event was cancelled in recent years because of pandemic, and everyone was beyond excited to come back this year with record number and more than 1,000 players scheduled to participate. It means 56 teams on 3 sheets of ice: kudos to the Yukon First Nations Hockey Association for figuring out the schedule!

"To say it’s been a tough few years would be the understatement of the year. The tournament is always an event many look forward to. We can not thank the volunteers, the YFNHA board, the families, the sponsors and the spectators enough."

"This tournament was many things to every single member on team Vixens. Most of us fight battles many won’t know about, we fight these battles with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. We are able to do this because of events like the Yukon First Nations Hockey Tournament.

I can not even put into words how empowering it is to celebrate our culture and gather all for the love of hockey. "

Hockey team short term rentals Yukon
Photography by Yukon First Nations Hockey Association

Off the ice

Hockey team short term rentals Yukon
Photography by Brittney McGean
Hockey team short term rentals Yukon
Photography by Talyce Henkel

Behind the scenes of this tournament is a team of dedicated organizers, officials, coaches, and players who work tirelessly to make the event a success.

Neighbourly North had the privilege to open the doors of its short-term rentals to many players and families in Whitehorse and our crew followed team Vixens in their journey, led by Selena Faith Kaytor. 

Off the ice, this event speaks about the personal journey of women who put their lives on hold for a few days, disrupt the routine and reconnect around a sport they love. 

A space to call home and create memories

"Team Vixens was a mix of Yukoners, returning Yukoners, and BC women. Thank you Neighbourly North for giving us the space to gather. A space where old friends could reconnect and new ones could meet. A space where team camaraderie is created.

Our smiles in all our photos are evidence of the excitement and love we all share for sport and holding each-other up. This includes our competitors : we love you but we are coming for you next year!"

Hockey team short term rentals Yukon

"A women’s division in YFNHT is here to stay!"